The Most Popular Solar Street Light in Philippine Market

Cheap Types of Solar Lights

The left styles can be the cheapest solar street lights that you can find in the Philippine market. Usually, 100W, 200W, 300W, and even 500W solar street lights are marked on the packaging of these solar lights. But in fact, the actual power of these lamps is only between 5 watts and 15 watts. Also, its lifespan ranges from a few months to 2 years only.

Most of the time, many customers buy such lamps for rural road lighting applications. The main reason is these villages follow a budget for public lighting every year. The price of these solar lights only fits their budget.

Part Of Our Customers in Philippines

Most of them are mainly for solar, lights, and construction!

Why ADN is Your Best Solar & Lighting Suppliers In The Philippines

  1. Help to light & Solar Company with more than 300 solar & lights Projects worth 10 million US dollars in total.
  2. Start our solar & lights business in the Philippines market in 2014!
  3. Strict Material Selection, Production, and Quality Control Processes to make sure 0 defect rate.
  5. FREE Customized Solar lighting design.
  6. More than 30 types of solar lamps and developed new types every year.

Tips to Win Solar Street Light Tenders in the Philippines

If you are bidding for solar street light projects in the Philippine market, please pay attention to the following points:

  1. Many times, the customer-provided parameter requirements need to be corrected. False labeling of LED power and lumens and battery capacity are common issues. Also, there are no testing standards for these parameters. The correct parameters and the street light pole’s height and installation site can be designed.
  2. Customers like a design with a large size and a large number of led lamp beads.
  3. Collect different designs and styles for customers to choose from. Many projects have specific design requirements that pursue uniqueness in appearance.
  4. If the project budget is limited, it is recommended that customers use cheap plastic casings. They may also spend more on key materials such as solar panels and batteries.

Click here to see more professional solar street light designs. ADN aspires to give our clients a greater understanding of solar street lights. So they can better guide their end customers. Such a virtuous circle could boost the market for solar street lights.

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Solar Streetlights Projects Near Cebu

  • Application Place: Road lighting in an Island near Cebu
  • Pole Height: 6 Meters ( 20 feet)
  • Solar Panel: Monocrystalline 90W
  • Battery: 12.8V 30AH
  • Dim: Auto-time dim
  • Date: 2016 September
  • Mppt Controllers
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Solar Street Lights

Solar Streetlights Projects in Davao

  • Application Place: Court lighting in Manila
  • Pole Height: 6 Meters ( 20 feets)
  • Solar panel: Monocrystalline 60W
  • Battery: 12.8V 22AH
  • Dim: 4hours 100% brightness, 30% motion dim left hours
  • Date: 2015 September
  • PWM Controllers
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Solar Streetlights Projects in Davao

  • Application Place: Court lighting in Manila
  • Pole Height: 8 Meters ( 25 feet)
  • Solar panel: Monocrystalline 90W
  • Battery: 12.8V 42AH
  • Dim: 4 hours 100% brightness, 30% motion dim left hours
  • Date: 2017 September
  • MPPT Controllers
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street light solar
solar powered streetlight

Customized Solar Decorative Pole Lights in Manila

  • Application Place: Park lights in Makati
  • Pole Height: 5 Meters ( 16.5 feet)
  • Solar panel: Monocrystalline 70W
  • Battery: 12.8V 36AH
  • LED Power: 6000lm
  • Dim: 30% Motion Dim
  • Date: 2021 September
  • Mppt Controllers
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How to Choose Solar Street Lights Supplier in the Philippines

In 2020, the LED lighting industry in the Philippines grew by about USD 425 million in size. Meanwhile, the Philippines’ LED lighting market is projected to reach 13% CAGR from the current year until 2026. It is also expected to reach almost USD 884.8 million in size in the years. The main driver of the LED lighting industry’s growth in the Philippines is its favorable government initiatives.

The public mainly uses solar street lights in various applications. Such as street lighting for pedestrian, cyclist, and vehicle safety. Due to their efficiency, longer lifespan, and lower energy use, solar street lights have mostly replaced traditional street lights in the Philippines.

Moreover, many solar lighting and energy companies in the Philippines receive many inquiries for solar street lights. And the strong support of an excellent solar street light supplier is the key to winning solar light orders. The Philippine market has a high demand for solar street lights.

Solar led Street Light Market In Google Trends

The image on the left shows the most popular locations for solar street lighting on Google Trends searches. It clearly shows that the Philippines came in third.

The Philippines, slightly near the north of the equator, receives favorable sunlight conditions. It has an annual light intensity of up to 1600–2300 KWh/m2/Y. The country experiences high temperatures of about 34 degrees and low temperatures of about 24 degrees throughout the year. Meanwhile, its annual average temperature falls 27 degrees Celsius. This kind of weather is also one of the significant reasons solar street lights have a high demand in the country.

The graph on the right shows the change in the search volume of “solar street lights” in google trends over the past five years. You can see that the search volume for solar street lights has been increasing in the said years. It also coincides with the sales of solar street lights in the Philippine market.

Click to see more benefits of buying solar street lights.

The picture on the left shows the top hotspots for “solar street lights” in the Philippines: Calabarzon, Central Visayas, and Metro Manila. It shows that the solar street light demands in these four places are the highest in the country.

Way of Sourcing Solar Street Lights in PH

Below we will introduce the methods of buying solar street lights in the Philippines. We will also include the advantages and disadvantages of these methods.

Buy From the B2C Platform

If you buy solar street lights occasionally and want a not-so-quality light, you can buy them from the B2C platform. These platforms include Amazon, Alibaba, Ali express, Lazada, Shopee, and many more.

1:Unit price is high.

2:B2C platform support high aftersales rules.

3:Cannot support customized lighting solution.

4:There is no high-quality solar lamps for large solar project applications.

Buy From the Local Solar & Lights Stores

If you want, you can also buy solar street lights from local companies in the Philippines.

For example, solar energy stores and lighting stores generally have solar street lights to buy. One of the most famous ones is those solar energy shops and lighting shops in several streets of Manila in CHINA TOWN. Usually, most customers in the Philippines go to Chinatown to purchase lamps and solar accessories. Since these stores are located in China Town, most of them are owned by the Chinese. These sellers usually buy large quantities of products from Chinese factories for inventory at one time. Then, they will sell them to individual customers in the country.

Of course, other solar light suppliers are scattered throughout the major cities in the Philippines. You can easily find them on different platforms like Google and Facebook. They are Filipino-run solar companies. Like the stores in Chinatown, they usually source their products from Chinese factories.

Currently, most of the suppliers are concentrated in Metro Manila. There are also some vendors offering in Davao City.

Local solar light suppliers have the following characteristics:

  1. Wholesale prices have an advantage over B2C platforms.
  2. There is a specific after-sales guarantee. After all, local companies must consider the local market’s reputation and comply with laws and regulations.
  3. They can accept customized solar lights to bid for solar street light projects.

Buy From the Chinese Factory Directly

  1. You will receive the lowest pricing for solar street lights across the globe.
  2. You must shoulder a significant amount of after-sales and quality control risk. You must have enough product and market knowledge to screen Chinese suppliers. Just a friendly reminder, you may run into bad vendors or scammers if you do not know the proper process. Therefore, you cannot just buy items because they are too cheap.
  3. They support customized solar lighting solutions for solar light bids.
  4. You can learn about market dynamics from Chinese suppliers for the first time. For example, you will know which lamp has the best sales in the Philippine market. You may also discover new products that have been released recently. They can also inform you about the technical aspects of providing solar street lamp bidding proposals.

For more topics about Chinese solar light suppliers, kindly click here.