Solar Street Lights

Whether power consumption or maintenance costs, street lights are extremely high. With the increasing shortage of traditional energy sources, the application of solar energy is becoming more and more extensive. Solar energy is free, and equipment requires only a one-time investment. The street solar light can provide lighting for people, beautify the road, and form a unique landscape.

ADNLITE is a solar street light manufacturer focusing on solar street lighting. As a professional solar street light manufacturer, we have many years of experience producing outdoor solar street lights. Our customers deeply trust us. Let us know your needs. We will customize the perfect solar power street light solution for you.

Why Choose ADN As Your Solar Street Light Manufacturer

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As one of the leading solar powered street light manufacturers, we have expertise and experience in solar technology. We have a R&D team and engineers who focus on innovations in solar systems. This enables us to provide highly efficient solar street lighting solutions.

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More than 300 projects worth more than 10 million US dollars

In the past 10 years, we helped more than 100 SOLAR & LIGHTING companies win more than 300 projects worth more than 10 million US dollars And most of them are government projects in USA, South Africa, Nigera, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, and so on。

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High Quality And 100% Aftersals

Our products undergo strict quality control and testing. This ensures high product quality and reliability. We have solar street light factory. We use high-quality solar photovoltaic cells, LED light sources and battery energy storage systems. This helps reduce maintenance costs for customers and increases user satisfaction.

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Top Solar Street lighting Projects From ADNLITE WorldWide

Solar Street Lights

Australia,WA (Western Power)
4500LM ALL IN ONE Design

Solar Street Lights

12000LM For Parking lot

Solar Powered Street Lights

4500lm Integrated design for country road

Solar Powered Street Lights

9000lm for industrial park

Solar Powered Street Lights

Saudi Arabia
19000lm for Airport street lighting

Solar Powered Street Lights

12000lm for Country Road

What Are The Main Accessories of Solar Led Street Lights?

Accessories for solar led street lights include batteries, LED lamps, solar panels, controllers, wires, hardware installation accessories, etc. Among them, batteries, LED lights, solar controllers, and solar panels are the four main accessories of solar panel street lights.



The batteries of solar powered street lighting include lithium batteries and lead-acid gel batteries. Solar street light battery voltage is generally 3V 12V 24V. The battery is one of the accessories with the highest cost in street light solar. The battery is also an essential component determining solar street lamps' life and lighting time. We insist on a Grade A LiFePo4 / LiMn2O4 Lithium battery with MSDS and UN38.3.

Solar Panel

Solar panels are responsible for converting solar energy into electricity. The solar panel cells of solar lamps can be divided into monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon. The most recommended way to extend the working time of solar outdoor street lights is to increase the power of solar panels. We insist on using Grade A Monocrystalline solar panels!


Did you know that the higher the LED light efficiency, the more you can reduce the cost of solar street lights! We insist on using high lumens efficacy led to make sure the highest brightness at the same cost. ( SMD5050, 224LM/W)


Solar Controller

Solar controllers realize all the intelligent functions of solar power street lights. Solar light controller types include the PWM controller and MPPT controller. We insist on using high-quality solar charge controllers. The broken rate is under 1%.

Street Pole

ADN solar street light supplier is here to answer all of your questions about street light poles, the parameters, proper installation, and other necessities, name it!

Customized Solar Street Lighting Solution For Your Projects

Processes how we design customized solar lighting for your projects. Kindly tell us the answers to the questions on the right.

What Are The Application Scenarios For Your Project?

The application scenarios of solar street lamps include main roads, community paths, highways, parking lots, parks, and so on. Different scenes have different lighting and lighting times.

What Are The Installation Height And Distance of Solar Street Lights?

We will design the lumen value and light distribution curve of the street light according to the height and spacing of the light pole.

What Are The Product's Appearance And Details?

Our company can provide dozens of different designs of solar street lights to meet the requirements of various projects.

What Are Solar Powered Street Lights?

The street solar lights are 100% powered by solar energy. However, that simple answer isn’t enough for some, especially those wanting to enter the solar lighting business. So, let ADN solar street light company introduce solar outdoor street lights from multiple angles.

Solar panel street lights are more than just simple light resources that offer solutions powered by solar energy. The best to these street lights is you can easily install them without any complicated wiring. Solar light street lights are perfect for commercial and residential applications. Because they don’t need any maintenance once installed. Solar street light manufacturers also made them last for long years without having to be replaced.

Not only that, but users can use these lights for a variety of purposes. Including security purposes and aesthetics. Consumers can use them on patios, decks, walkways, driveways, parking lots, and many more.

What is All-In-One Solar Street Lights?

The integrated solar street light is called the integrated solar light because all solar components, such as solar panels, led lights, batteries, etc., are integrated into a shell. It also integrates dark to dawn dim and motion dim. People can easily install outdoor solar street lights in a few minutes without wire trenching. This solar panel street light is not recommended for high power due to the size restriction of the solar energy. The transportation and installation of the entire street lights solar powered will be risky if the solar panel’s size increases. Can you imagine how difficult it is to install a solar street light the same size as a door?

FAQs About Solar Street Lights

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Are Solar Led Lights Waterproof?

Yes, all solar lights are waterproof. Since these solar street lights are designed for outdoor lighting purposes. The waterproof level is IP65, while some packages are marked with IP66 and IP67, which is wrong. (Click here for an explanation of IP ratings

IP66 and IP67 mean that they can work underwater for some time. But most street solar lights can only be rainproof.

Are Solar Street Lights Any Good?

The earliest contact of ADN with solar street lights was around 2010. We first made a sample of integrated solar street lights for our customers. At that time, the cost of solar street lights was very high, with many quality problems.

But by 2022, dozens of solar street lights are already popular. Notably, solar lamps used in government projects have high brightness, long lighting time, and more than five years of lifespan. With all the perks you can enjoy from solar street lights, we can say they are worth your investment.

How Long Do Street Solar Lights Last?

It depends on the type and quality of solar street lamps purchased. Usually, a cheap home-type solar light can only light up for a few hours. But, if it is a project-type solar light, it can light up 2 to 3 rainy nights. Even some custom solar lights, with high solar panel power and battery capacity configuration, last a week on rainy nights.

What is The Solar Street Lights Price?

If you search for “solar street lights” on Amazon, most prices are around $100 to $200. However, all the solar street lights on Amazon are the 3.2V low-quality street lights we always mention. The ex-factory price of this type of lamp in our factory is about 20 US dollars to 50 US dollars. As for project-type solar street lights, the ex-factory price ranges from $100 to $500, depending on the configuration.

Do Street Solar Lights Need Direct Sunlight?

Yes, all solar led street lights require direct sunlight. The daily operating time of solar street lights will be significantly reduced without direct sunlight. In addition, all solar panels can only operate at maximum efficiency under direct sunlight. So, we need to install solar street lights outdoors.

Do Solar Street Lights Work in Winter?

Solar street lights can work in winter. However, the winter can affect the operating time of solar street lights.

Solar panels and batteries are the two primary components that can impact the solar street lights’ daily operation in the winter. Low temperature does not affect the work of solar panels in winter, but it’s daylight time. Say, the time of direct sunlight in winter is much lesser than in summer. You can adjust the angle of the solar panel so it can receive as much sunlight as possible.

On the other hand, the temperature in winter highly affects solar batteries, especially lithium batteries. When the temperature is lower than 5 degrees Celsius, the charge and discharge can only reach 90% of the average temperature. The lower the temperature, the lower the charge-discharge ratio. Good thing there are two solutions. The first one is to heat and keep the battery warm. However, this will only reduce the battery lifespan. Another way is to use low-temperature batteries. Usually, low-temperature-resistant batteries can operate at temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius. However, the price of a low-temperature battery is about 2 to 3 times higher than that of a typical temperature battery.

To sum up, it is technically possible for solar street lights to work for a long time in winter. However, we do not recommend applying solar street lights for some places with too low temperatures. Mainly when providing lighting to the main road because the cost is too high.

Do Solar Led Lights Need Batteries?

Yes, all solar lights require batteries. If there is no battery, there is no storage device for electrical energy. At night, no power supply device generates power for the light source.

What is The Solar Street Light Lifespan?

The lifespan of solar street lights of different quality also varies. Most household solar street lights have a maximum lifespan of two years. But, some are of poor quality and break down within a few months.

Some project-type solar street lights usually can last more than three years and have longevity exceeding five years.

Lithium batteries are the main factor limiting the lifespan of solar street lighting. On the other hand, the lifespan of LED, solar panels, and other components can reach more than five years. Most of the time, solar street lights with a short lifespan use second-hand lithium batteries. If you want your solar lights to last more than five years, opt for lithium iron phosphate batteries with high cycle life. You may also choose a considerable battery capacity configuration.