Best Solar Panels for Sale

Solar panels are an essential part of a solar power generation system. At present, crystalline silicon material is the most critical photovoltaic material. Its market share is above 90%. It will still be the primary material of solar cells for a long time.

As an industry-leading solar panel manufacturer, we have advanced production equipment and a professional technical team. ADN aims to provide customers with innovative solar solutions. Our solar panels use premium solar cell technology that efficiently converts sunlight into electricity. ADN solar panel supplier is committed to providing high-efficiency solar conversion rate and excellent power output performance. Our products have excellent weather resistance and reliability, adapt to various environmental conditions, and can run stably for a long time.

Key Features

M Busbar Solar Cell

Improved module efficiency and better aesthetics for roof installations.

High Efficiency

Higher module conversion efficiency (up to 24.67%) thanks to Passivated Emitter Rear Contact (PERC) technology.

PID Resistance

Excellent anti-PID performance guarantees limited power attenuation for mass production.

Low-light Performance

Advanced glass and battery surface texture design ensures excellent performance in low-light environments.

Severe Weather Resilience

Certified to withstand wind loads (2400 Pa) and snow loads (5400 Pa).

Durability in Extreme Environments

High salt spray and ammonia resistance certified by TUV NORD.

Solar Module Bom

  • Cells: Tier 1 brands solar cells
  • Tempered Glass: Ultra_clear
  • Eva: Transparency>93%
  • Backsheets: Reflectivity>80%, TPT
  • Junction Box: IP65/IP67 MAX 30A
  • Silicon Gel: UV, Aging-resistant
  • Frame: Anodized Aluminum 6005-T5
solar panel

Solar Panel Quality Control

  1. 2 EL testing avoid cells cracking of each solar module.
  2. 2 Power flash testing avoid false welding and insuffi-cient power of each module.
  3. Packing tightly with angle protection avoid transportation broken.
  4. 12 Years Product Warranty, 30 Years Linear Power Warranty.
solar panel

OEM Customized Manufacture / Brand Soucing

  1. We support power range from 50w to 650W solar panel.
  2. OEM customized manufacture for your requests.
  3. We also support the procurement of Chinese big brand solar panels. First-line agent price. Brands include JingKo, JA, Trina, etc.
  4. Currently our advantage monocrystalline solar panel products: 400W 450W 490W 550W solar panels.
  5. Production time: The normal parameter is 7 to 10 days. Special parameters are 15 to 20 days.

Why Choose ADN As Your China Solar Panel Manufacturer

Manufacturing Process And Technical Expertise

As a solar panel manufacturing company, we have advanced manufacturing technology and technical expertise. ADN has advanced production equipment and process flow to produce high-quality solar panels. Our team includes experienced engineers and technical experts. Thus we are able to continuously improve the manufacturing process and product quality.

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High-quality Products

ADN solar panels manufacturer focuses on providing high quality solar panels. Our products use high-quality silicon materials and advanced production technology to ensure long-term stable performance. ADN's solar panels pass strict quality control and testing. So our products meet international standards and customers' needs.

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Mass Production Capability

As one of the largest solar panel manufacturers in China, we are capable of mass production. ADN has advanced production lines and automation equipment. As a result, we are able to efficiently produce solar panels and meet the needs of high-volume orders. We have solar panel manufacturing factory. This helps shorten lead times, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

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