Why Choose ADN As Your Solar Garden Lights Supplier

Diversified Product Selection

  • We have provided customers with at least 50 kinds of engineering solar lamps with different appearances.

  • We can also customize the shell, solar panel power, battery, LED lumen value, dimming method and other details for customers according to project requirements.
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100% HQ Material and Aftersales

  • Battery: MSDS,UN38.3 Passed Lifepo4 Lithium battery
  • Solar Panel: CE, IEC Passed Grade A Level
  • Controlle: PWM, MPPT Programmable for 3/5 years warranty
  • 180-190 lm/w Philips 3030 / 2835 LED Chip
  • Any parts broken in warranty time naturelly, we will supply new parts for free
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More than 300 Projects Done

In the past 10 years, we helped more than 100 SOLAR & LIGHTING companies win more than 300 projects worth more than 10 million US dollars!

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Garden Solar Lights Features

Solar Powered

Solar garden lighting converts solar energy into electricity through built-in solar photovoltaic panels for power supply. They use solar energy for charging. Therefore it does not require a conventional electricity supply. This reduces energy consumption and electricity bills.

Independent Operation

The solar lights for garden have an independent power supply system. Includes photovoltaic cells, battery energy storage and charge controllers. This allows them to operate independently without an external power source, requiring no wiring or connection to the power network.

Automatic Sensing

The solar lights for the garden usually have automatic sensing and light control functions. They are equipped with photosensitive sensors. Therefore, solar power garden lights can automatically sense the darkening of the environment when it is dark, and automatically turn on the lights. During the day or in a well-lit environment, they automatically turn off to save energy.

Easy Installation

The installation of solar powered garden lights is usually very simple. Since they do not require a power cord, they can be plugged directly into the ground or mounted on a wall surface. This makes the installation process much easier. And you can adjust the position and move it according to your needs.