Solar Sign Lights

Solar powered sign light is a signal indication product that converts solar energy into electrical energy. Due to many advantages, outdoor solar sign lights have become increasingly widely used. Solar lighting for signs is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving than ordinary signal lights. There is no need to lay signal cables during installation, which can avoid power outages caused by construction.

ADNLIFE specializes in the research and development of solar sign lighting. The company has advanced production equipment and a mature technical level to ensure your products’ quality. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult us.

What is Solar Sign Light?

Solar powered sign lights are lamps exclusively for signage. These lights are powered entirely by solar energy. The primary purpose of these lights is to provide lighting to exterior surface signages. Such as billboards, real estate signs, and other places that need lighting at night. These lights are a great help. Since it is cost-effective and valuable instead of using a power grid which is either expensive or inconvenient. Solar led sign lights can save a lot of labor costs and handling fees without requiring electricians to trench wires into the grid. After installing the solar lights for a sign, there is no need to pay electricity bills at all.

Undeniably, ADN has almost ten years of experience in the manufacture and design of commercial solar sign lights. We can customize solar led sign lights based on the signboard sizes, lighting time, and the weather for you.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Solar Lights for Signage?

  1. Save the cost of wire trenching, electrician, and procedure of applying the grid utility
  2. Zero electric bill
  3. Easy installation
  4. Safe because of low voltage ( Mainly 3V to 12V only)
  5. Environment friendly
  6. Smart control dimming

What is Solar Sign Light Application?

External Surface Signage

ADN will supply the solar sign lighting system, including the mounting bracket for the solar panel, battery, and led light fixture.

Example Signage size: 6’*10’ 10’*15’ 2

Solar Billboard Lights

We can also supply customized side solar-powered billboard sign lights.

Billboard size for example 12’*15’, 20’*30’

Solar-Powered Street/Road Signs

ADN will select different types of lamps and installations to adapt to different types and sizes of roadside signage.

Example signage size: 2’*4’

Customized Solar Sign Illumination System

ADN can also design and manufacture high-power solar energy systems to upgrade your outdoor sign lighting systems.

Example signage size: 3’*5’