Ultimate Guide to Solar Lighting Market Promotion

Most of the clients we have worked with are solar and lighting businesses, while only a small percentage are energy and construction businesses. However, it is important to note that both customers have the same concerns. Most of them frequently ask questions about solar lights, such as:

Is it profitable to promote solar lamps? What types of solar panel lights should I promote to meet existing customer needs and increase sales?

Here, ADN will quickly introduce you to the solar lamp market through technology and market research and provide the actual customer cases. We believe this article can be a good guide for promoting the solar lighting market.


Why is it Profitable to Promote Solar-LED Lights?

First, we will give you a clear conclusion on why promoting solar-powered lights is profitable.

Technical Point of View

Let’s take it from the user’s point of view. According to them, solar streetlights have many advantages. One of these is that customers can install solar lights quickly and easily. They don’t need to seek out a professional electrician to trench wires and install lamps. Plus, they don’t have to concern much about the risk of electric shock during the installation because the voltage of solar lights is generally within 12V.

Less Cost

After installing this lamp, customers do not need to pay any electricity bills. Although solar light of the same wattage will be more expensive than the general LED lamp, the overall usage cost will be much lower than that of the LED lamp.

Smart Function

Another thing is solar lights have advanced controlling features like DARK to DAWN DIM and MOTION DIM. Due to its innovative features and ease of installation, many solar lamps were installed in numerous places compared to LED lamps because it improves people’s lives. As for outdoor public lighting, solar lights are more favorable than LED lamps because trenching wires into the grid is expensive and requires complex procedures to connect to the grid. Even in many places where the grid is not covered, lighting at night is a luxury. Another reason is that traditional energy and electricity costs are getting more expensive after 2020, so solar lights are much more convenient.

Also, ADN has its solar panel factory. It is advantageous to have our supply since there are not enough solar panels available in the market due to public demands and other reasons. Plus, the price of solar panels has increased by about 30% over the past two years from 2020 to the present.  If you wish to learn more about solar lamps’ advantages, click here.

Solar LED Lamps Market Research Report




The above articles are professional reports collected by ADN on the solar light and solar street light market. And these are the most important points mentioned in the article:

Market Increase Amount

The article claims that the global solar lamp market will increase roughly five times in ten years between 2018 and 2028. It means that the total sales in 2018, which are $450M, will go up to $2500M by 2028. However, this report was issued before 2020, and the authors of the report have failed to take into account the dramatic changes in the world situation after 2020. Particularly today, in 2022, traditional energy and electricity are now unimaginably expensive.

Market Segment

Among the three market modules of residential, commercial, and industrial, the retail market occupies a dominant position, exceeding 50%. This is connected with the technical characteristics of solar lamps that require solar energy. The main solar lamp application market we have learned about in recent years also coincides with this. As a result, the solar street, flood, post, and garden lights sales accounted for more than 50%.

Market Area

Among the major regions of North AmericaEuropeAPAC, and RoW, APAC accounts for about 50%, followed by North America (25%), Europe, and other regions. The data revealed that most of our clients are concentrated in Southeast Asian countries. It is because these places’ climate is suitable for applying solar lamps. It is also related to the fact that the power grids of these countries cannot cover a large area.

It is worth noting that although North America only accounts for about 25%, the North American market is mainly concentrated in the United States. Therefore, ADN would like to remind energy companies and lighting companies focusing on the US market to start the promotion of solar lamps as soon as possible.

Diversity of Types of Solar Lights & New Solar Lights Every Year

Another indication of the solar lamp market’s rapid expansion is the proliferation of solar lamps in diverse designs. If you search for solar lights on Google, Amazon, Alibaba, and other platforms, you can find all kinds of solar lights.  These types of solar lights can include solar street lights, flood lights, solar spotlights, solar sign lights, solar string lights, solar post lights, and solar garden lights. The previously mentioned types are not the only ones available because every year, new styles and variations appear for each solar lamp. Regarding cost production, about 10,000 US dollars is needed for the development cost of the small-sized lamp housing, and the large-sized solar street lamp needs 30,000 to 40,000 US dollars. Usually, a solar light fixture requires at least three (3) different sizes and wattages. Despite that, these solar light suppliers will not invest as much money in creating new products if the business is unsuccessful and money is not made.

Actual Customers Case

Below, we’ll share three (3) customer company cases with different business types. To protect customer information, we chose not to write the name of the customer’s company.

Solar Company Case

Solar companies make up at least 20% of our clients. Furthermore, the customers with whom these solar companies work are typically engineering projects. Through this, we discovered that many end customers also need solar luminaires. Three (3) to four (4) years ago, the customer in the case started to provide customized solar street light products. With our joint efforts with our customers, we won the airport’s solar road lighting project. The project cycle is very long. It took more than one (1) year from the project establishment to the start of the order. During this period, we helped customers redesign the appearance of lamps, new installation hardware accessories, DIALUX Simulation, 3D Drawing of the Products, and so on.

Lighting Company Case

Lighting companies make up the majority of our clients. One of the projects we handled was the government’s outdoor public lighting project. The project is in Australia, and the end customer is a state-owned energy enterprise. At first, our customer of this lighting company ought not to have promoted solar street lights. Luckily, we were in touch before this project. Therefore, when the customer knew the project bidding requirements, he contacted us for the first time. We customized a set of solar street light samples according to the customer’s needs. These requirements include lumen value, color temperature, night lighting mode and lighting time, appearance, and more. Customers do not have provisions for important parameters such as solar panel wattage and battery capacity. So, we used the LED chips with the highest luminous efficiency at that time and met the project requirements with the lowest cost. Sure enough, our samples ended up winning the project for us.

Construction Company Case

In this case, our client is a building materials dealer in the United States. They have a good sales network of construction companies in the US. Occasionally, our customers require low-power integrated solar streetlights. Our project with them started in 2020. The building material supplier started contacting our company. We worked together to design and create custom packaging specifically for their company. In the beginning, only 200 sets of trial orders were purchased. Afterward, the number of orders started to increase. By 2022, 1,000 integrated solar streetlights will be purchased from us monthly.


Types of Solar Lamps, Application Scenarios & Market Recommendations

high power solar lights outdoor high power solar lights outdoor

Below, we will introduce the application scenarios and market recommendations for each solar luminaire. According to the market, solar lamps are divided into the project and retail types. We will indicate whether each type of luminaire is suitable for project use or retail use. Here, we’ll also share the history of several major types of solar lights. In that way, you can better understand the solar lighting market.

Commercial/Industrial Solar Lights Market

Suitable for companies promoting this product: Solar energy companies, lighting companies, energy companies, construction companies, and other companies that have potential customers for solar lights.

Application scenarios: Outdoor public lighting, landscape lighting for roads, highways, community corridors, parks, stadiums, parking lots, etc.

Product type: Solar street lights, solar flood lights, solar spotlights, solar sign lights, solar pole lights, and so on.

Market Advice: This type of solar light is divisible into engineering and retail commercial solar lights according to market demand.

Project-type solar lamps usually have high brightness, lighting time, and lifespan requirements. For instance, in a community’s parking lot, the height of the light pole is six (6) meters. This parking lot requires solar lights with a power of 20W to 30W. Community owners need this solar light to work all night on two (2) to three (3) rainy days. And the warranty for solar lights is at least three (3) years. In this case, solar lamp suppliers are required to design solar lamps according to customer requirements. Moreover, ADN has written many articles on how to design solar lights. Readers can click to view the article below.

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Retail commercial solar lights usually come in several fixed styles. If you search for keywords such as “solar street light” and “solar flood lights” on Amazon and other platforms, you can find many of these retail commercial solar lights. These solar lights on the Amazon platform are usually 4-6 times the factory price in China. It is important to note that many parameters of solar lamps marked on retail outlets are typically falsely marked. The most common falsely labeled solar light parameters are LED power, lumen value, battery capacity, and more. To learn how to identify the correct solar light parameters, click here. However, many of these lamps are also used in projects that do not require high quality due to their low price. For example, in the country, road lighting.

Home Solar Lighting, Solar Outdoor Decorative Lighting & Outdoor Festival Lighting Market


Suitable for companies promoting this product: Indoor lighting companies, 2C companies (including Amazon, eBay, and other platforms), and dealers with large-scale supermarket supply chain relationships.

Application scenarios: Scenes based on household lighting, corridors, gardens, backyards, etc.

Products types: Solar wall lights, solar post lights, solar garden lights, solar security lights, solar flood lights, solar string lights, and so on

Market Advice: All home solar lights are retail products. Retail prices for these lights range from $10 to $100. Of course, if you are professional enough, you can get one-fifth to one-sixth of the retail price from solar lighting suppliers in China. Click here to find out how to choose a Chinese solar light supplier.

Basically, every year there are new designs for these lamps. Therefore, the development of new products is also significant for the promotion of such lamps. On the other hand, several factors like lighting time, brightness, and lifespan of these solar lights are not as good as commercial solar lights. These lights are primarily used to provide occasional illumination to the user or to have a decorative effect on the scene.

The procurement cycle is usually once a year for solar decorative lamps such as solar Christmas lights. Basically, the main purchasing factors for this type of lamp are appearance and price. If a lamp breaks after being used for a while, many users will purchase a replacement the following year.

Did you find the information in this article helpful? You are welcome to leave comments with thoughts or questions below. If you wish to know more about solar lighting, a tune-up for the upcoming weekly new posts.