Industrial Solar Lights BOM Cost

Many customers have a lot of questions when they receive quotations for solar street lights. Are the quotes received high or low? Do the materials used by the supplier meet the project requirements? This question is important. To win a solar lamp project, there must be a correct cost price as a benchmark.

If customers can roughly understand the price of each material of engineering solar street lamps, the above problems can be solved. But most solar lamp suppliers will not easily explain this industry secret. Don’t worry, ADNLITE, who has more than 10 years of experience in the production of solar lights, will reveal this secret for you.

Industrial Solar lights BOM List

If you want to estimate the reasonable price of solar lights, you have to understand the cost structure of solar lights. Battery, solar panel, LED & casing, solar panel bracket & battery box, wire & connector, packaging, labor, factory profit after sales, etc. Among them, battery, solar panel, LED & casing, solar panel bracket & battery box are the main materials. Next is the core content of this article.

Due to raw material prices, exchange rate fluctuations, and different manufacturers, prices will also vary. The price we list here will be an interval price.

Lithium Battery

solar light cost

The type of lithium battery we use is lithium iron phosphate battery. So the price we list is the price of lithium iron phosphate.

  • 3.2V used battery: $0.22 – $0.28 / AH. All current 1 to 2 year warranty batteries for low power solar lights are used.
  • 3.2V new battery: $0.38 – $0.44 / AH. We recommend using this type of battery if the warranty period of the solar light project on the product is more than 3 years.
  • 12.8V new battery: $1.7 – $2 / AH. We recommend this type of battery for all project-type solar lights with a warranty requirement of more than 3 years.

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Solar Panels

Solar panels
  • Low power polycrystalline solar panels (power between 10W and 50W): $0.16 – $0.22 / W.
  • Low power monocrystalline solar panels (power between 10W and 50W): $0.2 – $0.24 / W.
  • High-power monocrystalline solar panel (power greater than W): $0.18 – $0.22 / W.

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solar light cost
  • 3.2V Programmable PWM Controller: $2 – $6 / PC.
  • 3.2V Programmable MPPT Controller: $10 – $15 / PC.
  • 12.8V Programmable PWM Controller: $6 – $10 / PC.
  • 12.8V Programmable MPPT Controller: $15 – $25 / PC.

The price of brand controller manufacturers will be much more expensive. For example, the price of SRNE’s 12.8V MPPT is generally above 22 US dollars.

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Enclosure / Solar Panel Mount

If it is an all-in-one solar street light, then there is no solar panel bracket.

  • Low power plastic all-in-one solar street light shell Price: $6-$10 / Set
  • High-power aluminum profile integrated solar street light shell price: $ 20 – $60 / Set (different sizes)

If it is a semi-split solar street light, then the cost of the solar panel support needs to be considered.

The price of solar panel bracket, according to different appearance design and solar size, the price range: $8 – $50

If it is a split solar street light, then the cost of solar panel bracket and battery box is required.

Battery box cost price range: $5 – $10

Wire & Wire Connector

Depending on the quality, wire and wire splices typically cost between $0.5 – $3. If it is a particularly high-power solar street light that requires long wires and multiple connectors, the cost will have to increase.


Depending on the packaging material, the size of the lamp body is different, and the packaging cost is between $1.5 – $10.


Due to the difference in company address, scale, and production process standardization, the cost of this area is different. For some small-scale companies that don’t care about quality and after-sales, the price is about 10% to 20% of the cost of product materials. If it is a large-scale company and considers quality and after-sales service, the price is about 20% to 30% of the cost of product materials.

30W 5000lm Integrated Solar Street Lamp Cost Analysis

solar light cost

After sharing the principle, let us take an example to practice!

For example, 200 sets of 30W 5000lm integrated solar street lamps. It must be added here that the prices of raw materials for different quantities of orders are also different. Samples will be 15% to 20% more expensive than regular bulk prices. If it is a quantity of thousands of sets, the price will be 5% lower than that of 200 sets.

Take 200 sets of 30W 5000lm integrated solar street lamps as an example. The basic parameters of this order: 30W LED POWER, 90pcs Philips 3030 LED Chips 180lm/w. 12.8V 24AH LiFePO Lithium battery. 18V 60W Mono Solar Panel, Mppt Programmable Controller, five years Warranty.

In the base of real specs

Yes, we have to emphasize this, the authenticity of the listed product parameters. If the products produced fully meet the requirements of the above parameters, and the quality is basically guaranteed. The following is the price analysis of the product

  • Batteries: $40-$44
  • Solar panels: $15 – $18
  • Shells: $28 – $30
  • LEDs: $8 – $11
  • Packages: $2 – $4
  • Cables and waterproof connectors: $2 – $3
  • Labor, operating costs, company profit: $20-40
  • Product Price: $115 – $150

Possible Situations Where The Product Price is Too Low

If the price quoted by the supplier is less than $115, then you should pay attention to whether they have a battery with a low capacity. In this way, the lighting time on rainy days will be less.

If the supplier replaces the first-hand 12.8V battery with a second-hand 3.2V battery, the cost can be reduced considerably. Similarly, these suppliers can also use low-quality solar panels, LED chips and other materials to reduce costs. In this case, the brightness, lighting time, and lifespan of the solar lamp will decrease accordingly.


The solar light cost is affected by factors such as the scale of the manufacturer, the price of raw materials, and exchange rate fluctuations. It is still a bit difficult to accurately understand the cost price of project solar lights. But if we understand the cost composition of solar lights, we can estimate the reasonable price range of solar lights according to the parameters required by customers.

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