Guidelines For Buying Various Wattages Solar Led Street Lights For Your Projects

As a lighting and solar energy or construction company, what kind of lights would you recommend if your customers occasionally need solar lights? Not sure which one is right for you, despite the detailed price and spec sheets from the supplier? Don’t worry because ADN will give you the most professional answer here. With more than ten years of experience, ADN finished over 300 outdoor solar light projects worth more than ten million US dollars.

Today’s article will discuss in-depth guidelines for choosing the best solar streetlights. ADN detailedly explained the solar lighting solutions for nine scenarios with different pole heights.

Important Basic Knowledge About Solar Street Lights

Before reading this article, it is best to read the articles on the following knowledge points. This will help you better understand what comes next.

  • All knowledge points about solar street light design/proposal. Mainly used in high-power and high-quality outdoor lighting projects. We use this method to make quotations for our clients’ large-scale outdoor solar lighting projects and have helped our clients win many large-scale projects.

Ultimately Guide of Solar Street Lights Proposal

  • Everything you need to know about solar light batteries. This results from our ten years of experience visiting numerous battery suppliers and solar lamp manufacturers. Especially for high-power solar street lights, the cost of batteries can account for as much as 30% to 40%.

All You Need to Know about Solar Lights Battery

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  • Teach you how to understand solar light parameters. After 15 years of working in the industry, I’ve discovered that the most serious issue is the false labeling of solar light product parameters.

Solar Lights Parameters 

Based on the above content, we will have a correct basis and unified standard for understanding solar street light parameters.

Best 12W Solar Street Lights

Application scene: Secure a 3-5 meter pole height to the outdoor public lighting places. These public places include parks, community corridors, community public spaces, bicycle parking lots next to public buildings, etc. Technical suggestion: Set the LED power between 10W and 20W according to the height of the street light pole, the customer’s requirements, and the budget for brightness. You should adjust the solar panel and battery capacity according to the LED power. ADN highly recommends using a 3V low voltage battery system for this wattage outdoor solar light. Nothing else. A 3V low-voltage battery system can low down the cost a lot.

The Most Economical and Beautiful 12W Solar-Powered Street Light

all in one solar street light

Based on the looks alone, you would never believe that the housing of this lamp is made of ABS plastic. The lamp was developed after ADN took advice from clients all over the world doing lighting projects. The light efficiency of the LED chip can reach 160 lumens per watt. Plus, many customers like the look and design of this lamp. This 15W lamp in bulk has a two-year warranty, which costs around $35. You can also get a three-year contract with a better battery and controller, but the cost will be higher. Contact ADN for the lowest ex-factory price.

The Most Economical Metal Shell 12W Solar Panel Street Light


When a project calls for split metal shell solar street lights and the budget control is relatively strict, this light is the best option. Indeed, the appearance of this lamp is too ordinary. Professionally speaking, the light efficiency of LEDs is also relatively low (usually around 110lm/w, and some factories use LED chips with lower light efficiency and cheaper costs). This 15W lamp has a bulk ex-factory price of around US$45 with a two-year warranty. The metal casing and solar bracket add a lot to the cost of this lamp. To obtain the most complete quotation list for this lamp, contact ADN.

High-Quality Beautiful Appearance 12W Solar-Led Street Light


Click the link or contact us to view more high-quality solar street light designs.

The usual wattage of these solar lights is between 30W and 60W. Higher wattage can be made, but the solar panel and battery size will be large. Therefore, the cost will be relatively high using them to make low-wattage solar lights. However, a street lamp is selected in some projects because of its unique design. After all, a good product is what customers will spend money on. This is why ADN keeps developing new solar lamps every year.

Best 30W 60W Solar Street Light

Application scenario: The outdoor public lighting from 6 to 8 meters must be considered. For example, parks (6 meters), community roads (6 meters), country roads (6 meters to 8 meters), public lighting sites in remote areas (6 meters to 8 meters), commercial streets (6 meters to 8 meters), industrial areas Roads and parking lots (6m to 8m), main road (8m).

Technical suggestion: The average lighting brightness needs to reach 15 lux – 20 lux. The dimming method is set to induction dimming, time-controlled dimming, and mixed dimming of the above two methods according to the traffic flow and the flow of people. The appearance of the lamps can be selected according to the installation site conditions and customer preferences.

Because the application scenarios of this part are the most critical in solar street light applications. ADN then decided to make more detailed solar street light solutions for the following scenarios: the 6-meter-high solar street light scheme in low-latitude areas, the 6-meter-high solar street light scheme in mid-dimensional areas, the 8-meter-high solar street light scheme in low-latitude areas, and the 8-meter-high solar street light scheme in mid-dimensional areas.

The 6-Meter-high Solar Street Light Scheme in Low Latitude Areas

Countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Thailand, Nigeria, Southern United States, and so on belong to low-latitude areas. These places have long hours of sunshine, and the temperature stabilizes between 10°C and 40°C throughout the year. Some projects with low budgets prefer to use the above solar street lights. The actual power is about 10 to 15 watts, and the false label is 100 to 300 watts.

If the project requires high-quality 30W full-power solar lights, the usual configuration is as follows:

  • Led Power:30W
  • Lumens:4000lm – 5500lm
  • Battery:12.8V 21AH – 24AH
  • 30% Pir motion dim
  • Solar panel: 50W-60W
  • 2-3 cloudy days whole night lighting
  • 3-5 years warranty
  • EXW Price:

The 6-Meter-High Solar Street Light Scheme in Mid-Latitude Areas

Countries such as Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, and parts of the United States belong to Mid-Latitude Areas. The temperature in these places will hover at the freezing point for 1 to 2 months in winter, and there are relatively high requirements for the stability of lighting time. ADN suggests increasing the solar panel power to make it more effective than the battery capacity. Choose low-temperature resistant batteries, such as gel batteries (large volume, heavy weight, and cheaper). You may also opt for ultra-low-temperature lithium batteries (which can reduce the operating temperature to about minus 40 degrees Celsius, but the price is 3 to 4 times higher than ordinary lithium batteries) or LiMn2o4 Lithium Batteries.

See our solar lighting solution below.

  • Led Power:30W
  • Lumens:4000lm – 5500lm
  • Battery:12.8V 24AH – 30AH
  • 30% Pir motion dim / 4 hours 100% brightness, 30% brightness in left hours
  • Solar panel: 60W-80W
  • 2-3 cloudy days whole night lighting
  • 3-5 years warranty
  • EXW Price:

The 8-Meter-High Solar Street Light Scheme in Low Latitude Areas

Generally, the 8-meter height pole is installed on the main road. Since Party A of the main road lighting project is for a government agency, it should follow strict requirements. Specifically, these projects have strict requirements on brightness, lighting time, lighting time in rainy weather, and life expectancy. Thus, designs may vary slightly depending on budget.

Below is our solar lighting solution:

  • Led Power:40W – 60W
  • Lumens:6000lm – 11000lm
  • Battery:12.8V 30AH – 54AH
  • 4 hours 100% brightness, 30% motion dim in left hours
  • Solar panel: 70W-110W
  • 2-3 cloudy days whole night lighting
  • 3-5 years warranty
  • EXW Price:

The same as the above scene, Party

The 8-Meter-High Solar Street Light Scheme in Mid-Latitude Area

A of the 8-meter height street light pole project is generally a government agency. Customers from European and American countries likely have stricter requirements (on brightness and lighting time) during the rainy season.

See the solar lighting option we provide below:

  • Led Power:60W – 80W
  • Lumen:10000lm – 15000lm
  • Battery:12.8V 54AH – 72AH
  • 4 hours 100% brightness, 30% motion dim in left hours
  • Solar panel: 110W-150W
  • 2-3 cloudy days whole night lighting
  • 3-5 years warranty
  • EXW Price

Best 100W Solar Street Lights

Application scenarios: Main road lighting and highway lighting from 8 to 12 meters, basketball courts, grab courts, golf courses, etc.

Technical advice: These places have the highest requirements for lighting brightness and lighting time. The lighting brightness needs to reach 20 lux to 30 lux. So, the 100W mentioned in the title is not the highest wattage of solar panel street lights. Making solar streetlights with higher wattages is not difficult. The challenge lies in installing oversized solar panels and batteries and ensuring they can withstand storms for many years.

As for the dimming mode, some customers want to keep the LED lights working at full power all night. We still recommend that customers at least apply time-controlled dimming. After all, ensuring the LEDs work at full power all night requires a considerable increase in the cost of adding solar panel power and battery capacity. Consider our solar lighting solution below.

  • Led Power:80W – 150W
  • Lumens:15000lm – 27000lm
  • Battery:25.6V 80AH – 120AH
  • 6 hours 100% brightness, 50% in the left hours
  • Solar panel: 250W- 500W
  • 2-3 cloudy days whole night lighting
  • 3-5 years warranty
  • Customized design of the installed bracket for battery and solar panel

Solar Powered Street Lights

Recommendations For Solar Street Lights in Cold Regions at High Latitudes

The application of solar street lights is limited in high-latitude and cold regions for two reasons: too low a temperature impacts battery charging and discharge, and the lighting time is short. The following is a summary of ADN’s experience.

With Cold-Resistant Batteries and Buried Batteries

Compared with lithium batteries, the minimum operating temperature of colloidal lead-acid batteries can reach minus 20 degrees Celsius. And the cost of lead-acid batteries is much lower than that of lithium batteries. Instead, use a low-temperature lithium battery that can work at temperatures around minus 40 degrees Celsius. Although, the cost of low-temperature lithium batteries is 3 to 4 times higher than that of ordinary lithium batteries.

Another way to keep batteries warm is to bury them in the soil. You can also wrap thermal insulation in the battery case. We do not recommend heating the battery pack to keep the battery warm. This method cannot ensure that all battery cells are heated uniformly. This will affect the cycle life of the battery pack.

Hybrid Wind Power 

Wind and solar energy can be added to power the solar lights. Wind power can become more prominent due to the absence of solar energy due to the rainy season. However, because the demand for wind and solar led street lights is not very high, the quality of the related controllers is not also stable. So be sure to choose the controller supplier carefully.