Growatt MAX 150KTL3-X LV Commercial Inverter Solar Panel String Design Guide

With the rapid development of commercial and industrial distributed photovoltaic systems, Growatt has introduced the new generation MAX 150KTL3-X LV commercial inverter. How can the MAX 150KTL3-X LV be adapted to high-power modules?

As an authorized dealer of GROWATT, ADNLITE will guide you on how to design solar panel strings to match the MAX 150KTL3-X LV inverter.

Photovoltaic Market Statistics

According to statistics, commercial and industrial (C&I) photovoltaics accounted for 25% of the new grid-connected capacity added nationwide in the first half of the year. The rapid development of distributed C&I photovoltaics is gradually becoming the main force in new distributed installations. This significant market growth drives continuous technological advancements and innovations.

In response to this trend, Growatt has introduced the higher power MAX 150KTL3-X LV inverter. Always keeping up with the times, Growatt provides customers with efficient, economical, safe, and intelligent solutions.

Common High-Power Modules in the Market

With the continuous development of photovoltaic cell technology, the size of silicon wafers has been increasing. The size of silicon wafers has evolved from 156mm to 182mm and 210mm. New-generation technologies such as PERC, TOPCon, BC, HJT, and perovskite are leading the industry forward. Solar module power is rapidly increasing, moving towards larger sizes and higher power outputs.

Taking common 182mm and 210mm modules in the market as examples, their electrical performance parameters are shown in the table below:

How to Configure High-Power Inverters with Modules

We have an article dedicated to explaining how to design solar panel strings to best match inverters. Here, we specifically discuss how to connect solar panel strings to the MAX 150KTL3-X LV.

The Growatt MAX 150KTL3-X LV commercial inverter features 10 MPPT channels, with each MPPT channel supporting a maximum input current of 45A. It can accommodate up to 1.5 times overloading, making it perfectly compatible with the currently available large-sized 182mm and 210mm modules. Additionally, it is downward compatible with various other sizes and power ratings of modules. This flexibility ensures that the inverter can meet the evolving needs of module development for the next three to five years.

Connecting Solar Panels to the MAX 150KTL3-X LV Inverter

From the parameter chart, we can see the following configurations for the MAX 150KTL3-X LV inverter:

  1. High Current Modules:
    • If the modules have a high operating current and short-circuit current, with a peak power current exceeding 15A, each MPPT channel of this inverter can connect two strings of modules. Thus, the inverter can connect up to 20 strings in total.
  2. Moderate Current Modules:
    • If the modules have a peak power current of less than 15A:
      • Six MPPT channels can connect two strings each (with each string handling up to 22.5A current).
      • Four MPPT channels can connect three strings each (with each string handling up to 15A current).
      • This configuration allows the inverter to connect up to 24 strings in total.

Overloading Capability:

The MAX 150KTL3-X LV inverter’s ability to handle overloading ensures it can accommodate various module configurations, providing flexibility and efficiency for commercial solar power installations.

Call to Action

Reducing costs and increasing efficiency is an inevitable trend in the development of the photovoltaic industry. High-power modules and high-power inverters are gradually becoming mainstream in the photovoltaic market. The Growatt MAX 150KTL3-X LV high-power commercial inverter perfectly matches high-power modules, making it a powerful tool for reducing costs and increasing efficiency in commercial photovoltaic installations.

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