Everything You Should Know Before Purchasing Solar Landscape Lights

We all know solar landscape lighting is mainly used to illuminate and decorate outdoor public spaces at night. Some common public areas include parks, corridors, aisles, buildings, gardens, squares, and more. Technically, the solar landscape light is completely solar-powered.

Usually, you can find different types of solar landscape lights available in the market. If you’re new to this, you might consider knowing everything about it before purchasing. Solar landscape lights usually include solar lawn lights, spotlights, bollard lights, post lights, light tubes, light strips, buried lights, wall lights, and other solar-powered light sources.

In this article, we try to collect more than ten of the best-selling solar landscape lights. Before listing them, we first analyze these solar lamps from the perspective of technology and the market. Through this article, you can also learn what to pay attention to when buying solar landscape lights.


Advantages of Solar Landscape Lights

To give you a gist of what to look forward to in using solar landscape lights, we have provided here some common advantages:

  1. Unlike traditional lighting, solar landscape lights are easy to install.
  2. Since it is powered by solar, no electricity bill is required.
  3. No installation fee is required. No need for electricians. No need for wire trenching.
  4. It is good for energy saving and emission reduction and is considered environmentally friendly.
  5. It has smart controls featuring: Motion dim and time dim
  6. Low voltage, safe.

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Four Main Components of Solar Landscape Lights

Here we will discuss all the basic components of solar landscape lights. Each of these components has its important function and purpose.


Lithium Battery

Solar batteries are one of the main components of solar lightning as they act as energy storage. Among the solar batteries available in the market, lithium is the most common and preferred. The life of the lithium battery determines the lifespan of the solar light. At the same time, its battery capacity determines the lighting time of the solar lamp. You must be careful when choosing a solar light battery, as poor-quality storms can cause explosive combustion. Click to view full information on solar light batteries.

Solar Panel

Solar panels, sometimes called photovoltaics, collect energy from sunlight and convert solar energy into electricity. Click to see all about solar panels.

LED Light Fixture

LED lamps or light sources are responsible for converting the electrical energy in the battery into visible light. The high luminous efficiency of LED chips is why solar lamps are so prominent, especially nowadays. Click to see all the knowledge about solar light LED chips.

Solar Charge Controller

To make the solar components function well, the solar controller is used. It is responsible for the orderly operation of solar panels, solar batteries, and LED light sources. Technically, the controller is the key component to maximize the intelligent lighting function of the solar lamp. Click to see all about solar light controllers.


5 Things To Know When Buying Solar Landscape Lights

  1. Intuitive performance determines the quality of solar lamps: brightness, lighting time, and life span.
  2. The main parameters that determine the quality of solar lamps are LED Power, Lumens, Battery capacity, battery voltage, Solar panel Power, and solar charge controller quality.
  3. Most solar-powered landscape lights are between 1W and 3W. The main role of solar lights in this power range is to decorate outdoor scenes. Solar lamps with more than 3 watts can be used in outdoor lighting.
  4. Most solar landscape lights have a small body size and battery capacity. The configured solar panel power is not significant, too. All retail solar-powered landscape lights can’t work at high power overnight.
  5. The market’s most popular solar landscape lights can guarantee a 1-2 years lifespan.

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Types of Solar Landscape Lamps (Reviews)

For review, we have collected some best-selling products in retail markets such as AMAZON. We list the main parameters that determine the performance of each product: LED power, lumen value, battery voltage, battery capacity, and solar panel size.

Mini Solar Lawn Light

Mini Solar Lawn Light

Application: Lawn lighting

LED Power:0.2W

Solar Panel Power:0.2W

Battery: NI-MH 0.6AH

Light Time:4-6 hours

Life Span:1 year

EXW Factory Price :$ 2.5- $3

Market Advice: This light can be used directly on the grass soil. But the brightness is not that high. The lights should be installed at a small enough distance to distinguish the road. It is commonly available on 2C platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopee, lighting chain stores, building materials stores, etc.

Solar Spot Lights

Solar spot light

Application: Lawn lighting, Building, Trees

LED Power:1-3W

Solar Panel Power:1-3W

Battery: Lithium 3.7V 2.2AH

Light Time:4-6 hours

Life Span:1 -2 year

EXW Factory Price :$ 4.5- $6

Market Advice: At over a watt, the light is barely bright enough to decorate trees and outdoor buildings. But only a few hours of lighting time. As the battery power is consumed, the LED power will gradually decrease. Regarding marketing, it is suitable for 2C platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopee, lighting chain stores, building materials stores, etc. But do not deceive customers by adding more promotional descriptions of life, brightness, and lighting time. It will only increase the repurchase rate.

Solar Bollard Light

Solar Bollard Light

Application: Parks, corridors, gardens, etc.

LED Power:1-3W

Solar Panel Power:2-3W

Battery: Lithium 3.7V 2.2AH

Light Time:4-6 hours

Life Span:1-2 year

EXW Factory Price :$ 4.5- $6

Market Advice: The size of the solar panel installed on the top of the post light body is not large enough, resulting in a small LED power. Therefore, this type of solar lamp is mainly for decoration and cannot be lit at full power all night. Most usage scenarios, such as gardens and yards, do not need full light all night. So this light is also mainly sold in retail. Some customers also apply this light to outdoor lighting projects.

Solar Post Lights

solar post lamps morden design

Application: Parks, corridors, gardens, etc.

LED Power:0.5-1W

Solar Panel Power:1W

Battery: Lithium 3.7V 1.5AH

Light Time:4-6 hours

Life Span:1-2 year

EXW Factory Price :$ 6

Market Advice: Its brightness can only be decorative, so these lights are commonly placed on the gate pillars and walls. The modern exterior design goes well with modern architecture. This lamp is also a hot-selling product on 2C platforms such as Amazon. Distributors engaged in the wholesale of lamps and lighting, building materials, and home decoration products can also try to promote this product.

Solar Wall Lights

solar wall lights

Application: wall, aisle

LED Power:1-3W

Solar Panel Power:1-3W

Battery: Lithium 3.2V 2-3AH

Light Time:4-6 hours

Life Span:1-2 year

EXW Factory Price:$5-8

Market Advice: Solar wall lights similar to this look are plentiful on retail platforms. This type of solar light has been around since 2014. Usually, its actual LED power is between 1 and 3 watts depending on the size. Its brightness and lighting time is enough for residential outdoor lighting.

Solar Flood Lamps

solar flood lamps

Application: Outdoor architectural lighting, signage lighting

LED Power:3-15W

Solar Panel Power:10-30W

Battery: Lithium 3.2V 20-30AH

Light Time:6-8 hours

Life Span:1-2 year

EXW Factory Price:$20-35

Market Advice: The application of solar flood light requires a wide space. If you want commercial outdoor lighting, its brightness and lighting time can meet the building’s lighting standards. Distributors of wholesale lamps, building materials, and home improvement products are strongly recommended to start distributing such products.

Solar Pole Top Lights


Application: Park, parking lot, corridor, Square, etc.

LED Power:5-15W

Solar Panel Power:10-30W

Battery: Lithium 3.2V 30-50AH

Light Time:6-8 hours

Life Span:1-2 year

EXW Factory Price:$40-$130

Market Advice: Such products are usually dominated by municipal lighting projects. The lumen value of this lamp is suitable for 3 to 4 meters height led pole lighting. We strongly recommend that lighting, solar, and energy companies promote these products.

Solar Compounding Pole Lamps


Application: park, parking lot, corridor, square, etc.

LED Power:5-20W

Solar Panel Power:10-40W

Battery: Lithium 3.2V 50-100AH

Light Time:6-8 hours

Life Span:1-2 year

EXW Factory Price:$100-$200

Market Advice: Such products are usually dominated by municipal lighting projects. Ideally, the lamps’ appearance, height, and brightness can be customized according to the project’s specific requirements. It is recommended that lighting project companies, solar energy companies, and energy companies promote such products. Click to learn solar lighting design  / all you need to know about buying led pole post lamps.

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