Advantages of Using Solar Lights

Nowadays solar lights are becoming more and more popular. Whether public or private, solar lights have become one of the most common lighting methods. What are the advantages of solar outdoor lighting, and what are the benefits of buying solar post light? What kind of occasions are suitable for solar lighting, and what kind of occasions are not recommended to use solar lamps?

As a solar lamp manufacturer with 10 years of experience in solar lamp marketing, we will answer this question from a more professional perspective. After reading this article, I hope you can dispel such doubts.

Advantages of Solar Light

Solar outdoor lights vary in features, sizes, styles, and designs. But most of these products share the same abundant benefits. To give you some ideas, here are some of the perks you will enjoy if you opt for solar lights.

No Trenching

Most solar lights do not require trenching for wires. This is especially important for outdoor lighting such as street lights and garden lights. Typically, traditional outdoor lighting requires long trenches of wire. Sadly, it comes with a high installation cost. However, if you choose solar lights, you don’t need to pay high fees for wire trenching installation.


Solar street lights are completely powered by solar energy and do not require any external power supply. Less energy consumption means fewer carbon emissions. Therefore, every solar street light installation can contribute to reducing carbon emissions. In addition, the light source of almost all solar motion sensor lights is LED. Compared with traditional light sources, LED is also a green light source.

Lower Cost

Solar powered lights can save you a hefty amount of money in the long run. Not to mention that the equipment and the installation are also low cost. Here we have listed a table of the cost of solar lights compared to ordinary lights.

Cost of solar lights VS traditional lights Comparation

Solar Lights
Traditional Lights
Supply of Material
Installation Cost
5 Years Electricity Cost
5 Years Maintenance Cost

Simpler and Faster Installation

Typically, traditional lights require wire connections. So you’ll need to hire an electrician to install them. Installing it yourself without adequate knowledge may result in unwanted electrical shock. But outdoor solar lights do not require wiring. You can install them quickly and easily. So you don’t need to worry about the risk of electric shock.

Click to learn how to install solar lights.

More Secure

Most traditional light fixtures are connected to 110V to 220V AC power. Electric lights sometimes leak electricity, which can be life-threatening if you accidentally touch them. However, if you choose a solar motion sensor light, you can be sure you and your family will not be shocked because they are battery-powered low-voltage DC sources (typically 3V to 24V DC voltage). Even with electricity, it is safe for the human body to touch its pole.

More Smart and Convenient

The main component of solar outdoor lights is a semiconductor. These semiconductor devices have intelligent control functions that are easy to implement. So solar powered lights are more convenient and user-friendly. Generally, most solar lights have the following parts: remote control, light source dimming, automatic timing dimming, and dark-to-dawn dimming.

More Energy Efficient

This topic is more professional. First of all, all solar lights are LED light sources, and LED light sources are the third-generation light sources with the highest light efficiency. By 2022, the LED chip with the highest luminous efficiency on the market can reach about 230lm/w. As a solar light manufacturer, we usually use these high-efficiency LED chips in solar street lights. Secondly, compared with ordinary LED lights, solar street lights do not need to convert high-voltage alternating current into low-voltage direct current. A power supply is installed inside the standard LED lamp, which is used to convert high-voltage AC power into low-voltage DC power supply for the LED chip. And this power supply will lose part of the power during work, about 10%. Therefore, the light efficiency of solar lights is about 10% higher than that of ordinary led lights.

More Flexible Investments

One of the main advantages of solar street lights is that they can be used remotely. Many remote areas, such as mountains and islands, cannot access electricity. The government needs to find a way to afford to install electricity in these areas due to the high cost of electricity. But with solar street lights, they can now install lights in their area. Light up their nights even without electricity.

advantages of solar light

Should I Choose Solar Lights?

With all the above benefits, investing in solar lights is worth your time, money, and interest. There is still time to turn to solar lighting now. You can choose from many professional solar light manufacturers in the market. (Click to learn how to select solar lights manufactures in China.) Our only takeaway is always to check the manufacturer before buying solar lights. Consider some relevant factors to know where to get the right solar lights. You can first learn about solar powered lights from ADNLITE.


Advantages of Solar Light

Which places are not suitable for installing solar lights?

Solar lights also have their disadvantages:

  • Much more expensive than ordinary LED street lights
  • Can not be illuminated for a long time in rainy weather
  • Due to the battery, the lighting time will be greatly shortened when the temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius

ADNLITE has shared an article about how to extend the lighting time of commercial & industrial solar lights. The main method is to delay the lighting time of solar lamps by increasing the cost of solar panels and batteries.

So many places are still not suitable for the installation of solar lights. Such as Canada, Northern Europe, Russia and other countries with cold weather. Another example is highways, main roads and other places that require lighting fixtures to be able to illuminate stably all night.


To sum up, the factors that determine whether you can install solar lights are as follows.

  • for installing solar lights are
  • year-round sunshine
  • year-round temperature range
  • Whether it is easy to connect to the grid and the cost of connecting to the grid
  • Electricity cost
  • Requirements for lighting brightness and lighting time

Finally, through the above factors, compare the total cost of using solar lights and ordinary LED street lights in the next 5 to 10 years. So we can know whether this place is suitable for installing solar lights.