2024 Malaysia Solar Light Market In-Depth Survey

In June of this year, we conducted an extensive survey of around 100 Malaysian lighting, energy, and solar companies. Among these companies, some were local lighting and pole factories, some were lighting wholesalers, others were lighting project contractors, and some were solar energy companies.

Through conversations with the leaders of these companies, we gathered significant information about the 2024 solar light market. Additionally, as a Chinese manufacturer of solar lights and outdoor public lights, ADNLITE is well-positioned to provide insights into the 2024 Malaysia solar lighting market.

Growing Solar Lighting Market

Solar Street Light Installation

During our visits to numerous lighting factories and project contractors, we discovered that many of them are already promoting solar lighting products. A significant number of companies have solar lights, especially integrated solar street lights, prominently displayed in their showrooms. Many clients also noted that the demand for solar lighting in Malaysia has been steadily increasing over the past few years.

Current Trends and Customer Perceptions

  1. Market Penetration: A large majority of lighting factories and engineering project contractors are actively incorporating solar lighting into their offerings, indicating a strong market penetration.
  2. Exhibition and Promotion: Many companies feature solar lighting products in their showrooms, showcasing the latest advancements and integrated solutions to potential customers.
  3. Rising Demand: There is a clear upward trend in the demand for solar lighting in Malaysia. Customers are increasingly interested in sustainable and renewable energy solutions.
  4. Quality and Longevity Concerns: Despite the growing interest, end customers still need more time to be convinced about the lighting quality and longevity of solar lights. Solar lighting’s stability is influenced by weather conditions, and at the same power level, solar lights are significantly more expensive than conventional LED lights.
  5. Advantages of Solar Lighting: Despite the higher costs, solar lights offer numerous advantages, making them a preferred choice for various applications. Their benefits include energy savings, reduced carbon footprint, and independence from the electrical grid.

For a detailed discussion on the benefits and drawbacks of solar lighting, and to understand when they are the ideal choice, visit our blog post on Pros and Cons of Solar Lighting.

Stricter Certification Requirements

Solar Street Lights

As solar lighting becomes increasingly widespread and popular, many government projects are also starting to install solar street lights. Government projects are often large-scale, with the number of installations sometimes reaching into the thousands.

For instance, while driving through Shah Alam, we observed several hundred integrated solar street lights installed along a major road. The light poles for this project were approximately 8-9 meters high, and based on the size of the solar lights, the solar panels were likely around 120W.

Growing Acceptance and Installation

  1. Large-Scale Government Projects: The installation of such a significant number of solar street lights indicates a growing acceptance and recognition of solar lighting solutions. This large-scale implementation shows that solar street lights are being trusted for their efficiency and reliability.
  2. Design and Quality Considerations: The successful deployment of solar street lights depends on a well-thought-out design and the use of high-quality components. Ensuring that the major parts meet quality standards is crucial for the long-term success of these projects.

Certification Requirements

Many clients have expressed that numerous projects now require certifications such as SIRIM, ST, and COA. These certifications are not easily obtained and require the products to meet stringent quality and safety standards:

  1. SIRIM Certification: This is a Malaysian standard certification that ensures the product complies with national and international standards.
  2. ST Certification: The Energy Commission of Malaysia (Suruhanjaya Tenaga) requires this certification for electrical products to ensure they are safe and efficient. Achieving ST certification often necessitates having a local factory in Malaysia.
  3. COA Certification: The Certificate of Approval is essential for importing electrical and electronic products into Malaysia.
  4. International Certifications: To facilitate the process of obtaining local certifications, the products should ideally already have international certifications such as CB (Certification Body) which verifies that the product conforms to international standards.

Segmentation of the Malaysian Solar Lighting Market

The Malaysian solar lighting market can be broadly divided into four categories:

1. Low-Cost Wholesale Solar Lights


  • Actual power: 5W to 10W.
  • Falsely advertised power: Up to 200W or 300W.
  • Main application: Residential market.
  • Availability: Sold in electrical and lighting wholesale markets in Kuala Lumpur and other lighting stores.


  • Typically lasts only 1-2 years.

Market Dynamics:

  • Designs are updated annually.
  • Highly competitive market pricing.

ADNLITE Offerings:

  • ADNLITE has introduced a new integrated solar light for 2024 in this category. For wholesale pricing, contact ADNLITE.

2. High-Quality Wholesale Solar Lights


  • Solar panel power: 60W to 80W.
  • Battery capacity: 3.2V, 60AH.
  • LED power: 10W to 30W.

Technical Details:

  • Utilizes 3.2V solar controllers and batteries.
  • LED power generally cannot exceed 40W due to cost limitations.


  • Expected lifespan: Around 3 years.

ADNLITE Offerings:

  • ADNLITE has launched several flagship products in this category for 2024. For wholesale pricing, contact ADNLITE.

3.Project-Based Solar Public Lighting

Application Scenarios:

  • Industrial parks
  • Gardens
  • Parks
  • Community pathways

Project Requirements:

  • Typically require solar lights with a 5-year warranty.
  • For solar road lamps installed at 6 to 8 meters height, features such as motion dimming or timer dimming are often included. Therefore, for a 30W 6000lm LED power light, a 60W solar panel is usually sufficient.
  • This type of solar light is the most common. Below, we list the regular parameter configurations for these solar lights.


  • We have also provided photos of the standard models and the latest 2024 designs for these lights.

For wholesale pricing, contact ADNLITE.

4.Government Solar Street Lighting

As mentioned earlier, government solar road lighting projects require strict certifications. Additionally, these lights need to meet higher standards for brightness, duration, and stability.


  • An 8-meter high lamp post requires a lighting brightness of 12000lm. Using the latest 7070 LEDs, this would require around 60W of LED power. For a full-power lighting duration of 8 hours or more, a solar panel of 200W to 240W is needed, along with a larger capacity lithium battery.

Advanced Features:

  • Many of these projects require intelligent monitoring and control of the solar panel lights. Users can monitor and control the main components, such as the LED, solar panel, and battery, in real-time. ADNLITE already offers mature solutions for smart outdoor solar lighting control.

For customized solar lighting solutions and wholesale pricing, contact ADNLITE. If the quantity is sufficient, we can support project requirements and apply for certifications like CB.

Partnering with a Solar Lighting Manufacturer like ADNLITE

In today’s competitive outdoor lighting market, partnering with a Chinese manufacturer like ADNLITE can be a great choice. With over 10 years of experience in the solar lighting industry, we have collaborated with 6-7 Malaysian companies. We develop new solar light models annually to meet the requirements of various projects.

Long-Term Partnerships:

  • For long-term partners, we are willing to provide maximum support in terms of pricing, after-sales service, and payment methods.

For further information and to explore partnership opportunities, contact ADNLITE. We are dedicated to providing the best solar lighting solutions tailored to your project’s needs.