2024 Guide: How to Win Solar Street Lighting Projects

In 2024, the solar street lighting market continues to evolve, introducing new designs and adapting to the latest market trends. As a manufacturer with a decade of experience in producing high-end solar street lights, ADNLITE is here to answer critical questions that can help you secure your solar lighting projects.

Key Components of Solar Street Lights:

The primary components of a solar street light include the lithium battery (mainly LiFePO4), monocrystalline solar panels, controllers, LED chips, and the fixture’s casing. We’ve delved deeper into each of these components in dedicated articles for those interested in expanding their knowledge:

After exploring these articles, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a semi-expert in project-type solar lighting.

Main Parameters and Considerations When Purchasing:

When buying solar lighting fixtures, essential parameters to understand include LED power, lumen output, CCT, solar panel power and voltage, battery voltage and duration, and dimming methods. We’ve thoroughly explained these parameters in All About Solar Outdoor Street Lights Specifications Parameters.

Beware of False Marking:

Key Considerations for High-Quality Solar Street Light Projects:

  1. Check Battery and Solar Panel Voltage: For LED power exceeding 40W, a 12V battery system is recommended.
  2. Branded Solar Controllers for Extended Warranties: For projects requiring a 5-year warranty, opt for branded solar controllers like SRNE or DEPOWER.
  3. Be Wary of Common False Markings: Especially concerning LED power and lumen output.
  4. Confirm Dimming Modes: Such as motion dim and timer dim.
  5. Battery Maintenance for Long-Term Storage: Ensure lithium batteries are charged every six months to prevent damage to their lifecycle.
  6. Watch for Reduced Battery Usage: As batteries are one of the most costly components, some suppliers might cut corners here.

Types of New Designs in Solar Street Lights: A 2024 Review

As of 2024, the variety of solar street lights and solar public lighting fixtures has expanded to include hundreds of models, showcasing innovation and variety in design. Let’s explore some of the new solar street light designs worth your attention this year, highlighting models that have gained popularity among end customers.

ADN-SSL-AIOF: All-in-One Solar Street Lights

ADN-SSL-AIOF All-in-One Solar Street Lights

This 2024 new model revolutionizes convenience with its easily detachable and replaceable main components, including the solar panel, LED module, battery, and controller. The adjustable angle of the LED module and a lighter design reduce the overall weight while enabling solar panel power to reach 250W or more. Furthermore, the innovative base positioned in the middle allows for dual-headed illumination from a single pole, enhancing coverage and efficiency.

ADN-EHPSSL: Solar Panel Encased Pole Type Solar Garden Lights

ADN-EHPSSL Solar Panel Encased Pole Type Solar Garden Lights

This design stands out for its simplicity and elegance. Solar panels seamlessly integrate with the lamp pole, adding a solar power system to existing fixture designs without significant alterations. The vertical installation of the solar panels effectively prevents dust accumulation. However, there are considerations:

  1. Shadow Coverage: The vertical installation may lead to shadows covering the panels, significantly reducing power generation efficiency. This design necessitates a larger solar panel capacity compared to traditional solar lights.
  2. Cost of Flexible Solar Panels: The flexible solar panels used in this design cost more than double that of standard panels, contributing to a higher overall cost for these fixtures.

ADN-SSL-AIOC: All-in-One Solar Street Lights

all in one solar street light

Launched in 2022, this integrated solar street light features separately housed batteries and controllers for ease of maintenance. Its design, characterized by four rounded lamp bodies, offers an aesthetically pleasing and rounded appearance.

ADN-SSL-SPLA: Split Type Solar Street Lights

high power solar lights

This design separates the solar panel, LED lamp body, and battery, accommodating the installation of large-capacity batteries and high-power solar panels. This model is particularly favored in European and American solar lighting projects for its adaptability to higher power needs.

High-Power Solar Pole Top Lights, Solar Post Lamps

Featuring several beautifully designed solar pole top and post lamps, these fixtures typically have a modest power output due to the limited size of the top-mounted solar panels. ADNLITE now offers solar post lamps with up to 45W solar panels and 25-30W LED maximum power, combining aesthetic appeal with functional lighting.

The evolution of solar street lighting in 2024 brings a wealth of options, from highly functional all-in-one designs to aesthetically pleasing garden lights and powerful split type models. These innovations address various project needs, emphasizing ease of maintenance, design elegance, and adaptability to power requirements. For those seeking the latest in solar street lighting technology and design, ADNLITE offers a range of options to illuminate outdoor spaces efficiently and beautifully. Visit ADNLITE for more information on these and other cutting-edge solar lighting solutions.

Price and Technological Trends in Solar Street Lighting for 2024

After a period of rising demand between 2021 and 2022, which saw the prices of solar panels and batteries soar to unprecedented levels, the market experienced a dramatic shift. By 2024, the cost of solar panels and batteries has seen a steep decline. For instance, the price of high-capacity solar panels, such as the 550W variant, plummeted from an early 2023 factory price of $110 to around $60. Similarly, the price of lithium batteries has decreased by 30%-40% over the past year.

Entering a Historical Low in Pricing

As we move into the first half of 2024, the prices for solar street lighting are at an all-time low, making it an opportune time for those with solar street lighting projects or considering purchasing solar lights to reach out to their suppliers. ADNLITE (www.adnsolarstreetlight.com), with over a decade of expertise in producing high-end, customized solar lighting solutions, stands ready to meet your project needs with quality and affordability.

The Future of Solar Public Lighting

ADNLITE has also conducted a comprehensive analysis on the market and technological trends expected to shape the solar public lighting sector over the next decade. This analysis, titled “Trend Analysis Of The Solar Public Lighting Market” offers valuable insights into future developments in solar lighting technology, market dynamics, and potential areas of innovation.